Pre-Departure & Post-Arrival Assistance

Pre-Departure Briefing

Unicoll Worldwide keeping in mind that the students might be going abroad for the first time, organize pre-departure seminars for the students and parents to banish their doubts and queries before they actually board a flight to their destination country. We educate the students what to do, whom to reach out to once they reach at the arrivals. We strive to keep no stone unturned and ensure the students reach their colleges/universities hassle free. Educating students about do’s and don’ts is a part of the pre-departure briefing. Some considerate points of pre-departure briefing:

  • These seminars help the students on how to manage at the airports, transit, landing and luggage.
  • Inviting the students visiting India to share their thoughts with the students and parents prior to departure.
  • In case of any emergency or in need of any assistance during the travel, we provide the students with a round the clock reachable contact number.
  • A checklist handbook is distributed to the students containing the guidelines depending upon the country they are travelling.

Post-Arrival Assistance

Our communication with the student does not finish once they board the flight instead it starts over again. Our experts are available day and night to ensure the students come across any obstacle the entire time. Many of our experts have visited these countries will help the students to choose the best airport transportation options, locations of money exchange, part time jobs, places of medical facilities etc. We always welcome the parents in case they have any query about their ward.

We try our best to sort out some of the basic issues like homesickness by getting the students in touch with their seniors or students already present in that country. Presence of such companions could be beneficial abroad and the students learn new way to tackle the scenarios.