Career Counselling

When it comes to choosing your career abroad it is important to mention “Your future depends on what you do today.” We at Unicoll Worldwide mentor the students for the overall development of their student career.

We help the students in choosing the best country to study in, the course to choose for a better career, recognized colleges and universities with an excellent history of placement records. Choosing them could be tricky at times and our skilful team helps the aspirants to tackle these situations easily.

Our professional counselors strive to guide the students keeping in mind their priorities and ambitions.

How Career Counseling Can Help

At Unicoll Worldwide, we guide students to explore their skills and strengths, advice about career courses per their interest and personality. Students may also opt-in for an aptitude test to choose their study career path.

Some considerate points in student career counselling:

  • Precise skills or talents. In which careers might they be useful?
  • The educational commitment required of various careers
  • The potential earnings of various careers
  • The opportunities for change or advancement in a particular career. Some careers are more flexible than others. Lawyers and doctors, for example, may shift their focus or area of specialty but will generally remain lawyers and doctors. Other careers or education paths might more allow mobility between positions in a given field.
  • The necessary skills and education for a desired career